Our Experience with ECX Systems and Nutanix

Early in 2017, we deployed Nutanix with the assistance of ECX Systems.  In short, the solution exceeded our expectations.   Keith Willis and David Rasco manage our account at ECX.  These are true professionals who posses a deep understanding of networking solutions and the full stack from the storage, servers, networking, to the the operating systems that run on top of them.

Here are a few key areas that were particularly of interest to us

  • Lowering the complexity across the infrastructure
  • Increasing security between organization units in our business
  • Adding capacity for future growth without needing forklift upgrades
  • Decreasing the footprint in our datacenter

The results of our project

  • Removed 18 pieces of hardware and replaced with 6
  • Built VLANs to create security between organizational units
  • Replaced 6TB of legacy SAN with 36TB of modern storage
  • Collapsed 24U of in-efficient SAN and servers into 2U of Nutanix

The bottom line

We looked seriously at switching to a cloud solution like AWS or Google.  When you calculate how much it would cost to get the equivalent of a single Nutanix unit versus paying the subscription fees for a cloud offering, the numbers are staggering.

For the cost of a few cloud instances of moderately powerful instances in one of these services, you could easily justify the cost of one of these Nutanix units.  Not to mention, the added benefits of being able to scale out dozens of equally powerful VMs on the Nutanix, without spending any additional capital.

By our math, the Nutanix unit pays for itself about every 3 months versus going with an equivalent cloud based solution.